Duncan presents petition to keep Ticket Office open

Duncan presented a petition to the House of Commons, signed by around 1,200 local residents who are keen to see Bradford on Avon Ticket Office remain open.


Concerns have been raised for the future of the Ticket Office after proposals outlined in the recent McNulty report earmarked 675 ‘category E’ ticket offices for closure.

Local residents have pointed out that Bradford on Avon Ticket Office provides an essential service to the community as well as to tourists visiting the historic town. Duncan was presented with the petition on Friday 4th November by Bradford on Avon’s Mayor, Councillor Peter Leach.

Duncan said:

“Bradford on Avon Ticket Office provides a valuable service to the local economy as well as an important service for rail users.

“I support the campaign by local residents to keep the Ticket Office open and was pleased to present their petition to the House of Commons.

“I have also written to the Secretary of State for Transport seeking her assurances that those ticket offices which, like Bradford on Avon, are proven to be an important part of local communities will be allowed to remain open.”