More apprenticeships

The Liberal Democrats in Government have invested heavily in apprenticeships, and Duncan is encouraging the local employers he meets to offer them. Read more.



key_free_parking.jpg1 Hour Free Parking

Duncan is calling on Wiltshire Council to restore one hour of free parking in Council car parks. Read more and add your voice by signing the petition.




Stronger Economy

Duncan and the Liberal Democrats in Government are investing to help local businesses grow and create more jobs. Read more.



key_getting_wiltshire_moving.jpgGetting Wiltshire moving

Duncan is working hard with local campaigners and his Liberal Democrat colleagues in Government to improve Wiltshire's rail services and roads. Read more.



key_fairer_taxes.jpgA £1,200 tax cut

Duncan and the Liberal Democrats have cut income tax by £800 for 25 million people. Now they are campaigning to make that a £1,200 tax cut. Read more.



key_schools.jpgOpportunity for all children

Duncan has helped to bring more money to Wiltshire's schools and the Liberal Democrats have introduced Free School Meals for all infants. Duncan is campaigning to go further, to enable every child to get on in life. Read more.


key_avonpark.jpgA fairer deal for pensioners

The Liberal Democrats in Government have delivered a record £800 rise in the basic state pension, and now Duncan's campaigning to guarantee a further £790 rise. Read more.