Opportunity for all children


Duncan has campaigned for fairer schools funding to stop Wiltshire’s pupils losing out compared to those in other counties. The Liberal Democrats in Government are taking a big step forward, giving Wiltshire schools an extra £5.7 million next year – £100 more per child.

The Liberal Democrats are introducing free hot and healthy lunches for all infant school pupils, including the more than 15,000 in Wiltshire. Pilot projects has shown this will help raise standards in schools and stop some children falling behind, and save their families as much as £400 a year per child. Read more.

Duncan and the Lib Dems now want to go further and extend the free school meals scheme to all primary school pupils. Read more.

In Government, the Lib Dems also introduced the £2.5 billion Pupil Premium, giving schools extra money to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds and help whole classes move forward faster together. Schools in Wiltshire are receiving £11 million of Pupil Premium funding this year. Read more.

This year, we've added the Early Years Pupil Premium, giving nurseries an extra £300-a-year for each three- or four-year-old from disadvantaged backgrounds. Now Duncan and the Lib Dems are campaigning to more than treble this, to £1,000-a-year. Read more.

In Coalition Government, the Lib Dems have protected schools funding in real terms for children aged 5-16 until 2016, and Duncan has urged the Prime Minister to commit to protecting it beyond that. Read more.

For the next Parliament, the Lib Dems are campaigning to protect the whole education budget in real terms right through from the early years to age 19, so that sixth forms are protected too. Read more.

To make travel to school, college or work more affordable, Duncan and the Lib Dems plan to introduce a new Young Person’s Discount Card that would give all 16 to 21 year-olds two-thirds off the cost of bus travel. Find out how Duncan's meeting with Corsham Youth Council helped form this policy here.