A £1,200 tax cut


In Coalition Government, Duncan and the Liberal Democrats have made tax fairer by raising the point at which people start paying income tax to £10,500.

That’s an £800 tax cut for 25 million ordinary workers, including more than 37,000 in the Chippenham constituency.

Now, Duncan and the Lib Dems are campaigning to turn that £800 tax cut into a £1,200 one, by raising the income tax personal allowance to £12,500 and cutting taxes for 30 million people on low- and middle-incomes by an extra £400.

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    I appreciate that the Liberal Democrats recognise that in this country England especially pensioners need every pound now and not pennies.The Tories have jumped on the bandwagon trying to con the public that this was their idea! They were dead set against giving tax cuts to the lower class.They forget one day they will be in the lower tax bracket when they draw their State Pension.
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    This has really helped us pay bills. I agree we should extend to cover those working on the miniimum wage