Friends of the Earth praise Duncan’s vote to halt fracking

The environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth has welcomed Duncan’s vote for a moratorium on fracking.

Duncan was one of 52 MPs who voted against the Government in favour of an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that would have imposed a ban on fracking for at least 18 months. It would have also required an independent assessment of the effect of fracking on climate change and the environment to be conducted.

The amendment was defeated by 308 votes to 52, with 90% of Conservative MPs voting against it and 92% of Labour MPs abstaining.

Friends of the Earth Campaigner Rose Dickinson said:

“We welcome Duncan Hames MP’s vote last week for a fracking moratorium, which if passed, would have protected communities up and down the country from the risks of fracking, and prevented a new fossil fuel from adding to the crisis of climate change. “Although the moratorium was defeated, Duncan Hames is amongst a growing number of MPs who are listening to the hundreds of thousands of people across the country that are united against fracking.

“As the evidence continues to show that fracking poses risks to public health and the environment, we urgently need to follow in the footsteps of New York State, the Netherlands and France by putting a stop to fracking now.”

Duncan said:

“We urgently need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable sources of energy.

“In the absence of a global climate deal, even if by fracking the UK used more gas and less coal, the displaced coal would still be burnt in other countries. Claims, therefore, that fracking can help prevent climate change are clearly false.”

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