Duncan takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight Motor Neurone Disease

Duncan took the Ice Bucket Challenge in Parliament to raise donations and awareness for the UK’s Motor Neurone Disease Association. 


Duncan took the Challenge in Parliament’s New Palace Yard, beneath Big Ben, using water from the fountain there. He had been nominated for the Challenge by Chippenham resident Kieran Mulvaney, Member of the UK Youth Parliament for North Wiltshire.

Duncan said:

“I confess, I was a bit cynical about the Ice Bucket Challenge, thinking it was just a bunch of famous people showing off. Then I checked out the fundraising page for the Motor Neurone Disease Association on JustGiving.com, and discovered that all this ice ‘nonsense’ has helped them raise more than £3 million in just a month!

“When Kieran nominated me, it was no good ignoring it any more.

“Please give generously to help tackle Motor Neurone Disease, especially if you enjoyed watching cold water poured over me.”

You can watch the video of Duncan taking the challenge here:

To donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, text ‘ICED95 £5’ to 70070 or visit www.justgiving.com/Duncan-ICED55.

Duncan nominated BBC Wiltshire’s Lee Stone, Bradford on Avon Councillor Ian Thorn and North Wiltshire MP James Gray to take the Challenge next.