Local boy meets with Duncan to promote healthy lifestyles

Duncan joined a local boy and his mum for a special VIP reception at the House of Commons in a bid to promote healthy lifestyles.


12-year-old Scott Kane, from Hilperton, was invited to the exciting event to celebrate his success at becoming fitter, healthier and happier after attending local healthy lifestyle club, MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!).

He was one of 25 children and their parents who went to London to meet MPs and discuss MEND, representing over 20,000 families who have benefitted from the healthy lifestyle club.

Scott attended the free ten-week, after-school, exercise and nutrition club at Trowbridge Sports Centre with mum, Maria, in February 2009 and as a result he lost weight, became fitter and grew in self-confidence.

Scott said:

“I really enjoyed visiting the House of Commons. It was great to have the chance to chat to my MP, Duncan Hames, and tell him about how MEND has changed my life.

“MEND was really fun and my friends have said that I look fitter since the Programme which makes me feel more confident. Since MEND I eat more vegetables and I’ve cut down on sweets so I’m also much healthier.”

Duncan said:

“Providing the right support and information so that families can make healthy choices is vital if we are to curb the rising tide of childhood obesity.

“Meeting Scott and Maria and hearing their inspiring story highlights the positive impact MEND’s healthy lifestyle programmes can have on a family’s life.”

Scott’s mum, Maria, said:

“We’re delighted to be invited to such a prestigious event. It’s been two years since we attended MEND and we’re still carrying on with the things we learnt.

“Scott still reads the back of food labels to find out what he’s eating and really enjoys it. He also swims each week and goes to the gym.

“MEND was fantastic and I’d encourage any parent that is concerned about their child’s weight to attend.”

If you think your child is above a healthy weight and would like to join MEND’s healthy lifestyle club in Trowbridge in January 2011, call 0800 023 1263 or visit their website.

Photo: Sam Friedrich