Duncan urges Government to make sure Mums Matter

Duncan presented Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for International Development, with a Mother’s Day card made by Bradford on Avon campaigners calling for the Government to further commit to action to tackle maternal mortality worldwide.


The card, made by six-year-old Eloise Quantrill, was signed by over 80 local people who are asking that the Government remains committed to action on maternal health. It was presented to Duncan by members of the Bradford on Avon Oxfam group.

Oxfam estimates that around 1,000 women a day die needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth due to a lack of maternal health provision and are urging the Government to focus aid on funding to train midwives and other health workers and provide long-term support to poor country governments to help them increase access to free public health care.

Following the presentation, Duncan thanked the Secretary of State for receiving the card and urged him, during House of Commons questions, to restate the Government’s commitment to achieving Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5.

Duncan said:

“I fully support Oxfam’s ‘Mums Matter’ campaign. It is a tragedy that every day so many communities around the world face the desperation of maternal and child death, which could be prevented by even the most simple of healthcare provision.

“I welcome the Government’s commitment to maternal health so far and was encouraged by Andrew Mitchell’s response to my question.”