Duncan questions the Prime Minister over News International

Duncan was the first MP to put his concerns to the Prime Minister today over the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

Opening Prime Minister’s Questions, Duncan asked:

“Secretly deleting voicemails left for a missing teenager. Buying the silence of public figures who would incriminate your business. Publishing the private medical details of a disabled child who just happens to have a famous father.

“I ask the Prime Minister, are any of these the actions of a fit and proper person?”

The Prime Minister replied “My honourable friend makes an extremely powerful point in a powerful way”, before reassuring the House that the authorities must get to the bottom of what happened and ensure that those who are guilty are prosecuted.

Duncan’s question follows an earlier representation that he made to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport last week, in which he asked the Secretary of State if he would explain how, under the Competition Commission referral of the BSkyB bid, it is possible for the ‘fit and proper person’ test to be applied.