Duncan brings Nick Clegg to Chippenham's Good Energy

Duncan brought Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to Chippenham to visit the offices of Good Energy, the town’s fast-growing renewable energy supplier.

clegg_good_energy.jpgDuncan said:

“I am delighted to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to Chippenham and to local company Good Energy.

“I am proud to have Good Energy, a leading renewable electricity company, headquartered here.

“Good Energy’s mission to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions shows the energy sector the way to meeting the country’s commitments on preventing climate change.

“I’m particularly pleased that it’s providing more and more jobs for local people in Chippenham too.”

Nick Clegg said:

“It was great to visit the Good Energy offices today. Good Energy is one of a growing number of smaller energy companies that are challenging the big players and increasing competition in the market. They also play an important role in supporting the local economy in Chippenham.

“We need a strong renewable energy sector in the UK to help reduce our foreign imports of energy, improve our energy security and to tackle climate change.

“With around 15% of Britain’s electricity now coming from clean renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro, Good Energy is one company that is making a real difference.”

Good Energy founder and Chief Executive Juliet Davenport said:

“It’s important for us to be able to talk policy makers like the Deputy Prime Minister, so I was very pleased he came to visit us at our offices here in Wiltshire. We must have continued support from the country’s leaders to continue to reduce our dependency of fossil fuels.

“People are concerned about the UK’s reliance on imports of foreign fuels used for generating electricity. Renewable energy is very popular with the public. Government research shows that 80% of people support the use of renewables to provide electricity, fuel and heat for our country.”

Duncan also showed Nick the ambitious new plans for Chippenham's town centre. Read more about their meeting here.