Duncan takes on the Teach First challenge

Duncan returned to the classroom to become a teacher for the day as part of Teach First Week 2012.


He visited the Hampstead School in London to teach a Year 7 maths lesson, based upon different types of voting system.

Duncan joined other guest teachers, including record breaking yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur and TV personality Adrian Chiles, who took on the challenge of inspiring a classroom of pupils.

Teach First works in partnership with schools and other organisations to break the link between low family income and poor educational attainment, which is stronger in the UK than in almost any other developed country. It does this by recruiting and training high calibre, passionate graduates to become effective, inspirational teachers in schools in challenging circumstances.

Over 2,050 Teach First teachers are currently working in schools to raise the attainment, aspiration and access to opportunity of their pupils across England, including nearly 900 who have decided to stay in teaching beyond the two year programme. A further 700, who decided not to stay on in the classroom after the two years, remain committed to addressing educational disadvantage from their careers outside of the classroom.

You can watch Duncan’s Teach First video here:

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