Duncan says Yes! to Fairer Votes

Duncan joined Yes to Fairer Votes! campaigners on a very sunny day at the Church Street fair in Bradford on Avon at the weekend.


The campaign aims to raise awareness about the Alternative Voting system, which builds on the strengths of the current system while eliminating its weaknesses.

Instead of crossing just one box for one candidate on their ballot paper, voters will be able to rank the candidates by putting a ’1′ next to their first choice and then ’2′ by their second preference and so on if they wish. If a candidate receives a majority of first-preference votes then they get elected. If they don’t, then the second preference votes of the candidate who finished last in the first round are redistributed and so on until a candidate receives at least 50%.

This means that in effect, all MPs will have the support of a majority of their voters. Tactical voting will be eliminated as voters can choose the candidate they really want without feeling that their vote will be wasted, while candidates are less likely to engage in negative campaigning as they will want to chase those second and third preference votes.

Duncan said:

“I believe this reform is vital for the health of our democracy: the Alternative Vote doesn’t give anyone extra votes – it simply ensures that your vote can count to the very end, and so not be wasted.”

Voters will get to have their say on whether or not they think the system should be changed during the referendum on 5th May 2011.